Hogansville Active Life gets fitness room

Published 5:27 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A short reception was held Tuesday morning at the Hogansville Active Life Center to celebrate the opening of the new Hogansville Active Life Fitness Room that now features hydraulic exercise machines that were donated by a private donor. The equipment will provide additional opportunities for Hogansville citizens to stay in shape, in addition to providing the Active Life Center more resources. 

“The event went well this morning. It was well attended,” Troup County Parks and Recreation Director of Aging Services Dan Wooten said on Tuesday. “Interface donated the carpet for the room. We fixed it up really nice.”

Prior to the room being fixed, it was a trophy room that had fallen into disrepair. Those trophies were moved to another, unoccupied room to make space available for the hydraulic equipment.

“It was a win-win situation for the Hogansville community,” Wooten said. “That is a trophy room from the old Hogansville High School, which no longer exists. There are artifacts such as trophies, jerseys and signs from the old high school.”

Wooten said he was approached last year by a private donor looking to donate the exercise equipment. With no usable space available at the LaGrange location, Wooten and The Active Life staff looked elsewhere.

“Last year I had an anonymous donor come and offer to the Active Life these hydraulic exercise machines,” Wooten said. “We did not have space at the LaGrange Active Life. We were able to find space at the Mike Daniel Recreation Center for some of the equipment, the rest was able to go to Hogansville. We looked for a good place and found the room, which started the plan to revitalize those rooms in the old Hogansville Elementary School, which is connected to The Active Life in Hogansville.”

The room is located in the upper part of the recreation center, which is located at 407 Church Street.