Congratulations to seniors

Published 9:46 pm Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Troup County students are now entering the final days of the school year, and as seniors prepare to toss their graduation hats in the air with glee over having finished this stage in their life, we’d like to take a moment to congratulate them on the years of effort that went into being allowed to cross that stage and receive a diploma.

We are doubtless that local  seniors spent hours studying, re-working essays and pouring over math problems to get to today. We also hope that they feel a sense of relief that comes with having made it. 

Yes, congratulations, seniors. You have made it. There is less than a week left of school — small change compared to what you have already overcome.

College students at LaGrange College will graduate on Saturday, with LaGrange Police Department Chief Lou Dekmar speaking at the ceremony. Then on May 23, Callaway High School students will be the first local high school students to have a video of them receiving their diplomas displayed on the new Jumbotron at Callaway Stadium. Parents will likewise have a clear view of Troup High School students receiving their diplomas on May 24. LaGrange High School’s graduation will be on May 25.