Class of 2019: LaGrange Academy seniors graduate

Published 8:01 pm Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Ten seniors graduated from LaGrange Academy on Monday, receiving a diploma and moving into the next chapter of their lives.

Before students crossed the stage, two graduates performed songs to attribute their time spent in the halls of the academy that they are now leaving to go ‘grow up.’

Class salutatorian Riley Hess thanked his friends, the teachers and the school for all the memories.

“I would like to give a little advice to the class of 2019,” Hess said. “2019 seemed ages away when we first arrived at the academy, however the year came. 2019 snuck up on me, college snuck up on me, scholarships, moving out, new roommates all sneak up on you if you are too focused elsewhere. So, just be aware and keep it in the back of your mind that the time will come.”

Hess went on to tell the crowd some of things he will miss about the academy.

“[I’ll miss] getting to spend time with my friends, my teachers, some of my classes, playing sports, senior spot, conversations, shenanigans, high fiving middle schoolers in the hallway and being told my essays are adequate,” Hess said.

Alexander Wilson, the class valedictorian, encouraged his classmates to be the change and impact in the world but also to not be afraid when faced with changes.

“Hopefully on this journey we can find a purpose that makes us happy and help others,” Wilson said.

Each member of the graduating class was recognized by a member of the faculty, some telling the sad, happy or silly stories they experienced with each one.  In addition to their diploma, multiple students were awarded for achievements made while enrolled at the academy.   LaGrange Academy graduates included Sydney Anderson, Joseph Calhoun, Christen Copeland, Riley Hess, Ruthie Kelsey, Matthew Klinger, Felicity Liechty, Ashlee Mains, Crystal Redden and Alexander Wilson.