Helping children avoid heavy amounts of debt

Published 8:30 pm Thursday, May 23, 2019

To all moms and dads of high school seniors, let them all get a job and learn what it is like to get a paycheck. Do not buy them a car with 72 payments that you will be making payments on for the next six years.

Buy them the Dave Ramsey books and read the books with them. The best thing you can teach them is how to save a dollar and learn how to not waste money.

Unless someone is going to be a doctor, lawyer or certified public accountant, it does not make sense to borrow $180,000 to go to college and come out for a $30,000 a year job. Before they accumulate on credit card debt, teach your children the value of paying cash for those nine pairs of jeans they must have. Money is something you learn to control, or it will make your life miserable. You may find yourself working overtime to pay off credit cards for things you own, that you really didn’t need, but wanted.

I was paying my bill at the skeet range this weekend and someone said, “Smart money would pay it with a credit card and get the 1.5 percent back.”

I responded, “You’re smarter than me I know, but when I do not have an extra $50 to pay in cash, I stay home and do not get a bill at the end of the month. You cannot get rich on that 1.5 percent, my friend.”