OUR VIEW: Agencies to be thanked for work

Published 7:29 pm Monday, June 3, 2019

On Friday morning of last week, LaGrange Police Department’s Animal Services recovered 30 Mastiff mixed breed dogs following a hoarding investigation, according to a press release from City of LaGrange. The dogs ranged from a few years old to approximately six weeks, and with the help of the Troup County Marshal’s Office and the Hogansville Police Department, all the animals were relocated to the LaGrange Animal Shelter. 

The Mastiff is a large breed of dog, weighing more than 200 pounds when full grown in some cases. As such, it took the agencies working the case the better part of an entire day to move all the animals. 

As of Monday afternoon, seven of the nine puppies that were recovered from the home have been adopted. This relocation of the animals would not have been possible without the concentrated and collaborative efforts of the agencies responding, and all should be thanked for their efforts in this case. 

Puppy Pipeline, the local nonprofit that relocates dogs to northern states, where spay/neuter laws are strict and populations are not as large, is expected to pick up a portion of the animals this week as well. 

Thank you to all who responded.