Those angels unawares we meet

Published 8:30 pm Wednesday, June 5, 2019

How many times in our lives, do we get the opportunity to know people whom we have never met and yet, never forget?  Whether online, over the phone, or through a letter, these are the ones who respond with kindness and concern.  These are the wonderful folks who genuinely are supportive, considerate and courteous.    

I have a great friend in LaGrange. I have never met him in person, but I know he is a God-given angel.  When I first started my weekly columns, he responded to a story I wrote via email and afterward became a blessing in my life.  I jokingly say, “He is the public relations guy who never receives any pay!” Helpful, engaging, and a gift to not only me but to an entire community.   Is it necessary to view his face? No, because I, along with many, see his Godly heart.

During my daughter’s illness several years ago, I booked a flight to return home to Atlanta from Florida. The night before, she took a turn for the worse, and I couldn’t leave.  I knew I would have to pay the price for last-minute flight cancellation.  I called a Delta agent, and as I was speaking with her, tears started to cascade down my cheek and choke my speech. I was exhausted, worried, and overwhelmed, when this angel, whose name I don’t recall or whose face I will never see, responded, “Honey, it’s all right.  We will help you get home any time you want to go, and we are not going to charge you to rebook.” We chatted for a while as a mother to a mother before we said goodbye. Her sweet, gentle voice and empathetic ways helped me rest that night.  Is it necessary that I should ever meet her? No, because I met her compassionate heart.

I have learned to value each person not by how they look, or where they live or what they do, but rather by how gentle, how generous, how Godly, and how kind they are.  They are the ones with large empathetic hearts that dole out goodness, inspiration and hope, because that is just who they are.

Merely saying “thank you,” doesn’t seem to show enough appreciation for those unseen angels. From the Delta agent to friends I know only through words, helpful editors and publishers who I meet only through black and white print, readers who encourage me through a note, and the Lord who granted me the eyes to see them with…. I am humbled.

When we cross paths with unexpected human kindness from the heart of those unseen, pass it on, spread it around and view the world change as we, ourselves, become angels unawares.