Camp Winshape focuses on fun, faith

Published 7:18 pm Thursday, June 6, 2019

Every day this week, 300 campers have taking part in Camp Winshape at Lafayette Christian School to play games and create new things in arts and crafts.

While the games are fun, camp director Francesca Garcia the most important thing is that they learn about Jesus.

“We focus on one theme, and we base everything around that when we talk about Jesus and who he is,” Garcia said. “When campers come to camp, we partner with a local church, and they bring volunteers to help with camp. Soccer, flag football, crafts — they get to do all these activities that they may not be able to do in their regular lives, while also learning about Jesus.”

Almost 50 volunteers from the community and from First Baptist Church LaGrange and City Light Church have helped serve the students and share the gospel as well.

“Those who live here get to keep making those connections with them, especially those who do not go to church regularly or have some place to worship,” Garcia said.

Campers from kindergarten to eighth grade were invited to attend the camp for the week, some going for the seventh year in a row.

“Every year we all get placed on a different team in a different city,” Garcia said. “The most they get out of it is the intentional time our staffers spend with them. There’s a lot of times that they are in large group settings where they come from home situations where they don’t get that kind of attention and love.”

Garcia said the biggest goal for the camp throughout the week is to make sure the children attending are shown love.

“What we really strive to do is to show them that they matter and show them love through having fun,” Garcia said.

On the third day of the camp, “Gospel Day” was held where campers could go privately to a volunteer if they wanted to know about Christ and make the decision to be saved.

“If campers wanted to know more about Christ or accept Christ, we had them go out into the hallway with and talk to community pastors,” Garcia said. “We had a lot of campers be saved, which was a really awesome moment.”