Callaway hosts volleyball camp

Published 4:18 pm Monday, June 17, 2019


Daily News

Callaway High’s Emily Bokoko enjoyed being on the other end of the player-coach relationship.

Bokoko is a senior member of the Callaway volleyball team, so she’s usually the one receiving the coaching.

Last week, though, Bokoko was the one sharing her knowledge with some young players eager to learn the sport.

Callaway hosted a four-day youth volleyball camp last week, and the instructors included the team’s coaches, as well as some of the players.

“I’ve really enjoyed it,” Bokoko said on the final day of the camp. “It’s awesome to see a bunch of young people that are really into volleyball. It’s been really fun.”

Bokoko appreciated the enthusiasm the campers showed.

“They’ve loved it,” she said. “They’ve put their all into everything. They just continue to learn.”

The camp director is Precious White, who is preparing for her second season as Callaway’s head coach. White said it was all about “basic fundamentals.”

“That’s pretty much it, just getting them to understand the rules of the game, and getting them to understand technique,” White said. “They’ve had a lot of fun.”

White added that “we’re making it fun, and it’s also building camaraderie, and meeting new friends. There are girls that never knew each other, and they’ve come together.”

Callaway will open its season in about six weeks, with the first match scheduled before the first day of school.

White is hopeful some activities taking place during the summer will help the players develop the team-work necessary to have a successful season.

“You’ve got to be a family out there,” White said. “If not it shows. So we do a lot of team building. That’s another thing we’re going to incorporate into this summer.”

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