Interface donation helps Boys & Girls Club

Published 5:40 pm Monday, June 17, 2019

This week the Boys and Girls Club of West Georgia will have new carpet installed in its multi-purpose room after being selected as the recipient of Interface’s legacy project. 

After being a part of a previous donation at a different location, Kevin Cain, president and CEO of the local Boys and Girls Club, said that he approached Interface again after seeing the need for the carpet in late March. 

“I knew that at least at one time, this was part of their (Interface) offerings to the community,” Cain said. “About two months later I was made aware that we were selected as a Legacy Project, which is essentially an effort to reach out to hand-selected projects in the summer to give back to the community where they feel that it is needed.” 

According to its website, Interface is the world’s largest designers and makers of carpet tile. 

Cain said it was fortunate that their organization was selected, because the room had very old carpet and needed a transformation.

“Much to my surprise, we found a spot in a hallway where there was no tile left and they addressed and fixed it for us,” Cain said. “That was way above and beyond.” 

Approximately 1800 square feet of carpet was pulled up and will be replaced, according to Cain. 

“This will totally transform that room,” Cain said. “There are three other organizations in this building, so that room in particular is a shared space. We have [also] had other equipment donated to us that will help enhance that room.”

Not only do board and city meetings take place in the room being redone, but also children will occupy the room for movie viewings during summer camp. 

“Hopefully long term, it will become more of a community-type room,” Cain said. “People will have access to it to hold meetings or functions, whatever that room would allow.”

Without grants, donations, membership fees or fundraising events Cain said the Boys and Girls Club would not be successful. 

“Anytime someone like Interface comes forward with a donation like this, it is incredible,” Cain said. “We think we provide a great service, quite frankly, for the LaGrange area and other locations that we have clubs like in Hogansville and in the Valley.” 

To learn more about the local Boys & Girls Club, visit Boys & Girls Clubs of West Georgia and Chambers County on Facebook.

“We are a place for young kids to come where hopefully we have a positive impact on them,” Cain said.