Be careful on the roads this weekend

Published 8:00 pm Monday, July 1, 2019

More than 49 million Americans are expected to travel for the Fourth of July this week, a record according to AAA.

Not surprisingly, the worst day for travel is expected to be Wednesday, as many will be trying to get where they are going before the holiday festivities truly get underway. However, AAA lists Friday as the worst day of travel in the Atlanta area, so beware of possible traffic delays if you’re heading that direction.

“As Independence Day approaches, it’s time for the much-loved family road trip and this year will be one for the record books, with more Americans than ever planning vacations,” said Paula Twidale, vice president, AAA Travel in a press release. “This holiday builds on the strong travel demand seen for Memorial Day, and with schools now out of session across the country, families coast to coast are eager to travel.”

Anyone traveling in Troup County should take note of the construction ongoing on Interstate 85, near the Alabama/Georgia line. Construction crews are taking care of one lane at a time and traffic is slowed — not stopped — for the most part. 

However, with more people on the roads, construction areas will likely result in a larger delay this week.

If you have somewhere to be — even if it’s in town — leave a little early. 

Regardless of your holiday plans, don’t drink and drive. Area law enforcement will be on the roadways, and you’ll likely be caught, thrown in jail and forced to appear in court later this year. It’s not worth it.

We encourage anyone staying in town to head to the square Thursday morning for a unique LaGrange tradition in the Sweet Land of Liberty Parade. The event features children in non-motorized vehicles and is one of the best events in LaGrange each year.

On Thursday night, fireworks will be shot off at Pyne Road Park. The park is always packed with people, so get there and find a spot early. Then, be patient leaving. Everyone wants to get home, but it’s going to take a while for everyone to get out of there. Anyone who has been there in past years knows how quickly the traffic can bottle up after the fireworks show.

We hope everyone has a great Independence Day. Make your plans early and be careful on the roads and on the water.