Non profit raises over $4,000 from 5K in Hogansville

Published 7:21 pm Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Pedal Forward, a community bike shop helping the youth in Hogansville and surrounding areas, raised more than $4,000 over the weekend. 

More than 50 runners participated in the Mill Village 5K to run the 3.1 miles throughout the city of Hogansville and to benefit the nonprofit. 

“It was such a successful event,” said Emilee Abraham, co-founder and program director at Pedal Forward. “We will absolutely do this next year. It will be bigger and better too.” 

Emilee and her husband Alex, who is also a co-founder, have been planning the event since the beginning of May to serve as one of its larger fundraisers. 

“There was such great energy from runners and their families who also brought really great energy,” Abraham said. “All of it was really encouraging, and we had so many people tell us they had a great time during it.” 

The nonprofit recently rented out a space on 205 Main Street that Abraham said would allow them to have more space and be more visible in the community. 

“We are finishing up work on the building right now and are all really excited about moving,” Abraham said. “This will be a more central location for the community and people visiting Hogansville. Good energy and good things are happening at the main street location.” 

A ribbon cutting and grand opening will be in Pedal Forward’s future, but Abraham said right now they are stepping back in awe of the success and lives they have touched through the organization. 

“It is such good momentum and humbling start,” Abraham said. “We have been given these huge blessings and are looking forward to these next steps.”

Overall winning times of the 5k were 28:01 for the top woman, Callie Grace Karvelas and 20:38 for top male, Jacob Rocker. Second and third place for male division were Lee Stover and David Karvelas while second and third place for female division were Isabel Rocker and Leah Watts.