Dancing for a good cause

Published 7:54 pm Monday, July 8, 2019

While the event itself is not taking place for nearly another four weeks, the second annual Dancing for The Thread competition has already proven to have grabbed the community’s attention. The 350 available tickets for the event have all been sold, and were sold before the tickets were truly able to receive any promotion, showing the quick community support that has been generated through this endeavor. 

On August 3 at Del’avant, seven pairs of dancers will perform a choreographed dance, competing to win a first-place trophy that will be up for grabs and to raise money for Friends of The Thread Trail (FOTT). The promotion’s first dance one year ago raised approximately $36,000, per Friends of The Thread Executive Director Natalie Hale. 

This year, the organization’s goal is to raise $60,000, of which approximately $30,000 has already been raised. 

While all of the seats for the event itself have been sold, those who were unable to purchase a ticket will still be able to enjoy the show via Facebook Live and LGTV. 

The Thread has become an integral part of the LaGrange community over the course of the last two years. As more and more of The Thread is built, more areas of the community are being woven together. Years ago, a group of forward-thinking individuals realized the need LaGrange and Troup County had for a large, county-wide walking trail and what such an amenity could do for the area as a whole. Local leadership, including LaGrange mayor Jim Thornton, recognized the importance of this project as well, and the city has partnered well with this nonprofit group since its inception. 

Events like Dancing for The Thread are beneficial, but are only as beneficial as the community engagement will allow them to be. From the community support that has already been shown to this particular event, it is evident those living in our community recognize the importance of The Thread, and want to see it continue to thrive. 

We are excited and heartened by the support shown to this fundraiser, and hope you will tune in on August 3 for the show.