Candle company in downtown rebrands and changes name

Published 7:00 pm Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Local shoppers who frequent the candle and soap company Boardwalk Limited can expect to see a new front, rebranding and a new name. Owner Gloria King officially changed the name on Thursday to The Candle Shack. 

“No one knew what it was,” King said pointing back to the old name. “The Candle Shack is beachy, kind of plain, and it incorporates into the new beach theme.” 

Walking through the front doors, shoppers can take immediate notice to the theme of walking into a candle, soap and more island oasis. 

“Candles and the beach come hand-in-hand,” King said. “Lots of people have taken notice to the rebrand, and we just did it.” 

One of the newest items added to the store and rebranding process is a nook in the corner of the store where shoppers can make their own candles. 

“I was told by a few people about it,” King said. “It will be a fun thing for customers to do and can go shop or eat while they are waiting for their candle or wax melts to dry.” 

Shoppers can choose to pour their own candle in a size and fragrance of their choosing. King said she will also make custom labels for the candle. 

In the future, Kings hopes to host events at the store for groups to make their own candles, body butter or soaps. 

“I want to do girls nights with wine and candle making,” King said. 

All soaps, butters, candles, sprays and wax melts are all made in the store by King and are all vegan and eco-friendly. 

In her wax and candle products, King also uses all-natural oils for scents and pure soy wax. 

“You can always mix and match your smells and oils too,” King said. 

Going further King hopes to add more candle makers to the shop and grow her children’s corner in the shop so kids can create too. 

“I am excited and looking forward to all the experiences,” King said. 

The Candle Shack is located in downtown LaGrange on 108 Main Street and is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.