Summer reading program finishing strong

Published 7:18 pm Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The LaGrange Memorial Library held its third annual summer reading program, which will come to an end Wednesday, July 24. The theme this year was ‘A Universe of Stories,’ and featured several stories and activities regarding the theme of space. 

Over the years, the program has expanded and grown in numbers leading up to this summer. Out of the elementary schools in the county there were 79 Hollis Hand students, 62 Rosemont students, 41 Hillcrest students, 41 Franklin Forest students and about 100 homeschool students who registered for the program. The students combined have read more than 8,000 books this summer through the program.

Kate Chambers, children’s media specialist, has headed up the program. Chambers said that the summer reading program has given her a chance to give kids an unplugged, hands-on type of learning. 

“Through the program, these kids have been able to learn not just through a technological approach, but also through hands-on experience,” Chambers said. “This program gives kids the opportunity to use their imagination to the best of their ability, while also learning in a creative fashion.”

On Wednesday afternoons, the program would feature a performer to come and entertain the children. The library has hosted several different types of performers, including a ventriloquist who was featured on Britain’s Got Talent.

“It is nice to give the kids a place where they can imagine anything they want,” Chambers said. “Not only through reading, but through activities that spark creativity. These kids are so excited about learning, and they love it. That is something so valuable.”

In the future, the program is predicting to continue to grow as the library plans to renovate and add more available room for children’s activities.