Appreciation contributes good to the world

Published 7:36 pm Thursday, July 25, 2019

Appreciation, the world goes to bed every night wanting for something, what is it?

They want to become more loved and know that people really appreciate them. I am asking you to become more loving and appreciative of the people in your life.

If you do, you are walking with big shoes. Appreciation is a wonderful thing; it makes everyone get along better and feel better about themselves. Everyone wants, and needs, it every day.

It can be as simple as letting your wife know that was a great sandwich she fixed or thanking her for keeping all your clothes so nice and neat. Do you remember the last time your kids heard you say how special they are?

This is my dare today for you, start with your family and let them know how important they are. A note with flowers, a box of candy or just a note that says what they mean to you can make a difference.

If it is the truth, tell them you love them. Do it and you will never regret it.