Busy weekend of softball

Published 12:12 pm Friday, August 9, 2019


Daily News

The softballs will be flying this weekend at Shuford Fields.

The Callaway Classic softball tournament will be held on Friday and Saturday, with each of the participating teams playing multiple games.

Joining Callaway, LaGrange and Troup in the field are Shaw, Brookstone, Flint River Academy, North Springs and Trinity.

LaGrange and Callaway will play four games apiece, and Troup plays three games.

The games will be 90 minutes or seven innings, whichever comes first.

Admission is eight dollars each day.



Field one

4 p.m. – LaGrange vs. Shaw

6 p.m. – LaGrange vs. Brookstone

8 p.m. – Flint River vs. Brookstone

Field two

4 p.m. – Callaway vs. Northgate

6 p.m. – Troup vs. Northgate

8 p.m. – North Springs vs. Callaway

Field three

4 p.m. – Flint River vs. Spencer

6 p.m. – Trinity vs. Hardaway

8 p.m. – Hardaway vs. Spencer

Field four

4 p.m. – Trinity vs. North Springs


Field one

10 a.m. – LaGrange vs. Landmark

Noon – Northgate vs. Landmark

2 p.m. – Northgate vs. LaGrange

Field two

10 a.m. – Callaway vs. Trinity

Noon – Trinity vs. Brookstone

2 p.m. – Callaway vs. Brookstone

Field three

10 a.m. – Shaw vs. Hardaway

2 p.m. – Shaw vs. Troup

Field four

10 a.m. – Flint River vs. Troup

Noon – Flint River vs. North Springs

2 p.m. – Hardawy vs. North Springs