LaGrange Animal Shelter working to become no kill shelter

Published 7:03 pm Friday, August 9, 2019

By Grace Braswell
Daily News

LaGrange Animal services is close to achieving status as a no-kill shelter.

Currently the animal shelter has an 80 percent save rate, but to become a no kill shelter, the organization must get to 90 percent. 

LaGrange Animal Services typically takes in 200 to 400 animals a month, according to Chris Bussey, supervisor of LaGrange Animal Services. 

“By becoming a no kill shelter, we are able to show the community that we are here at the shelter trying every day to find every single one of our animals a forever home,” Bussey said.

Bussey said that one of the largest obstacles LaGrange Animal Services has in achieving that goal is convincing pet owners to spay or neuter animals. 

“The most important reason to get pets spayed or neutered is to stop the over population of pets,” Bussey said. 

“Just today, we had 20 strays brought into the shelter. If animals are spayed and neutered, over population would be better controlled.”

The city is working with local agencies and outside agencies in order to help get as many animals adopted as possible. Puppy Pipeline, one of the agencies working with LaGrange Animal Services, has been a great help when it comes to puppy adoption in LaGrange.

The Puppy Pipeline of Georgia is a nonprofit that transports animals to northern and midwest states meeting the high demand for animals in the north while balancing out the high supply in the south. Through this program, the City of LaGrange was able to find homes for nearly 1,000 animals in 2018.

Katie Mercer Van Schoor, City of LaGrange communications manager, said that Bussey and his team are working hard to make sure that every animal at the shelter finds a home.

“You can’t find anyone in this region who qualifies as a no kill shelter,” Van Schoor said. “Chris and his team are working really hard to be able to make LaGrange Animal Services no kill.” 

In addition to the strive for no kill shelter status, LaGrange Animal Services is also waiving adoption fees for dozens of animals, leaving many adoptable pets for little or no cost.  

As of Tuesday, there were 13 dogs and 10 cats who are spayed and neutered and up to date on their vaccines that were available for adoption with no adoption fee.