Wellroot Family Services plants new roots in Troup County

Published 7:34 pm Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Despite the rain and weather, Wellroot Family Services was honored Monday afternoon by Georgia’s State of Hope initiative for its faith-centered community work in Troup County. 

“We are delighted to have Wellroot in LaGrange and Troup County,” said LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton. “I honestly knew very little about the foster care system … But Hal [Jones, president and CEO of Wellroot] started talking about the tremendous need in Troup County, and the number of families who are being placed out of county.” 

Thorton said that the partnership with Wellroot and Troup County was a perfect situation. The Wellroot organization is designed to help connect foster families with foster children. 

“Wellroot is one of the leading child welfare agencies in the state of Georgia,” said Director of Community Development the Rev. April McGlothin-Eller. “Our largest program is serving children who are in foster care.”

Wellroot focuses on its three programs which include foster care, transitional and independent living and family housing. 

“Our mission is to heal children and families with trauma through Jesus Christ,” McGlothin-Eller said. “With this partnership that we are celebrating today … we have been able to bring together a community to say that we want to keep kids in Troup County instead of having to place them in homes outside of our community.”

McGlothin-Eller said keeping children close to home helps prevent unnecessary disruption of their lives. 

“It’s already traumatic when a child comes into foster care, but if they can keep some of those key connections then it minimizes the trauma in a way,” McGlothin-Eller said. 

“Most of the time children should be near their home county because it aids toward the reunification with their biological family.”

Going into the year with a new space in Troup County, McGlothin-Eller said that they are making it a goal to increase the number of foster families to care for Troup County kids. 

“You’re not here for commercial purposes,” said Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, who was at the ceremony. “You are here to better the lives of these children … My faith calls on this, defines it as a perfect intersection on how to tackle an issue.” 

Wellroot Family Services has partnered with Western Heights Baptist Church and planted its Troup County office location in the youth building. 

“To see us all coming to gather to see ways to not take credit but really going back to find the find the recourses necessary,” Duncan said. 

“Let’s go get more recourses, more attention, more volunteerism, more focus for the people who are already successful at doing it.” 

Wellroot hosts an informational meeting the last Tuesday of every month from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on how to become a foster family. 

“There is no commitment they [attendees] have to make at that time, but it is a great way to learn the landscape of foster care,” McGlothin-Eller said.

Wellroot Family Services Troup County Regional Office is located at 2382 West Point Road. 

For more information, Wellroot can be reached at (404) 327-5820 or online at wellroot.org.