Hogansville Post 3 qualifiers talk goals

Published 6:17 pm Thursday, August 29, 2019

Someone new will fill post three on the Hogansville City Council next year, and two candidates are hoping to take on that role.

Mandy Neese and Brenda Geter qualified for the election and have their eyes set on Nov. 5, the date of the upcoming general election. Fred Higgins, who currently holds the post three position, is not running for re-election.  

Neese said if elected she’s ready to take on the city’s infrastructure. 

“The infrastructure of the city is falling apart,” Neese said. “It has been a series of disastrous decisions that has put Hogansville in the place it is right now.” 

As an engineer, Neese said she is ready and qualified enough to tackle the battles of dilapidated buildings and damaged sidewalks and roads.

“We have so many people who are focused on saving the history or painting murals, and I love that stuff … but when push comes to shove our city is falling apart,” Neese said. 

“I have sat at city council meetings, and no one can come up with a decent answer. I just feel like as an engineer, as someone who is invested and someone who has three small children, I can help rebuild what is broken.”

Neese said she wants to focus on making sure the city is suitable to be visited by tourists too. 

“You’ve got to fix the flaws first,” Neese said. “Nobody is willing to stand up and make those decisions.” 

Geter said if elected she will focus all her efforts on providing more recreation opportunities.

“This is my community and I have come back home,” Geter said. “Things are just not the same, and I want to see if I can put my input in and make some improvements to the community.”

It wasn’t until later in the year that Geter felt the need to run for city council after seeing kids out for summer walking around “with nothing to do.” 

“My goal is to fight for the community and mainly on the large need for recreation,” Geter said. “I’m no politician, and I have to do some more research to get details on how I can go about doing this.” 

Geter said she’s just a regular citizen who cares for the community. 

“I want to fight for transparency and honesty for the city,” Geter said. “I feel like there things going on that a lot of citizens do not know.”