OUR VIEW: Pet masks, an important donation

Published 9:22 pm Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Troup County Fire Department received a donation of seven pet oxygen mask kits from Invisible Fence of Columbus Tuesday morning. 

These pet oxygen mask kits will be used to assist in the resuscitation of animals who are injured from smoke inhalation caused by a fire. That means that each time there is a fire in Troup County and an animal is injured from inhaling smoke, TCFD will have more capabilities to save furry family members.

Each kit contains one small, medium and large mask to properly fit animals of all sizes or breeds. If you do that math, it adds up to 21 masks available to TCFD that could save a cat or dog that are members of our families and mean so much to us. 

This donation provides another way for the fire department to now serve all walks and paws of life in Troup County. 

Our pets are not always just pets, they are the ones who care for us, the ones who listen to us, the ones who comfort us, the ones who we sometimes consider our children. Losing a pet, especially to something as horrific as a fire can be devastating and life altering to a family. 

These masks are a great addition to Troup County fire rescue vehicles and though we hope they don’t have to be used often, we hope this gives the animals a fighting chance for life in the event of fire.