Locals invited to give input on library renovation needs

Published 6:33 pm Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Troup-Harris Regional Library system recently announced plans to renovate the LaGrange Memorial Library. Locals will have the opportunity to put their own personal input on what they would like to see in the redesigned facility on Sept. 17 at 6 p.m. at the library. 

“We want to know what the people want to see,” said Regional Library Director Keith Schuermann. “Our job is to give the community a library they want, and this is a great opportunity for them to give that input.” 

Schuermann said the entire library will be renovated, giving it a new layout and more space. 

“We will do an exterior and interior face lift and also be a little more curb friendly,” Schuermann said. “There will be more programming space which will be good because right now there is no dedicated space, specially for kids.” 

Hundreds of children attend weekly events throughout the year and summer months, and Schuermann said that makes it important to have dedicated kid spaces. 

“We want to create a space for creative arts,” Schuermann said. “The library is a studio approach to lifelong learning. We want to bring in more light and make it more secure.”  

The estimated total project cost will be $5.8 million, supported by state and local partners.  It will allow the library to potentially expand its current square footage of approximately 37,000 square feet to nearly 40,000 square feet, according to a press release.

The renovation is expected to start next spring and will last anywhere from nine to 18 months.

“We will move to a temporary location but that makes partnerships even more important right now,” Schuermann said. 

According to the press release, CAS Architecture of Lawrenceville was hired to provide architectural design and engineering services on the project. 

“We’re excited about a new exterior look of the library, and even more excited about the benefits to the community that a remodel of the interior space will provide,” said Gayle Devereaux, Chairperson of the Troup Libraries Board. “Libraries are less about books and archives today, and more about gathering spaces for experiencing and learning. The remodel will provide more and better space for our popular free programs like technology and literacy programs.”

Schuermann said the renovation will not only help with the space issues that the library faces but also uplift the community surrounding the area. 

“This renovation will certainly help this area,” Schuermann said. “LaGrange is a fantastic city and every fantastic city deserves an amazing library that is dedicated to serving the community.”