Firefighters establish Instagram account to motivate fitness goals

Published 7:43 pm Wednesday, September 25, 2019

The LaGrange Fire Department recently created a fitness page on Instagram, LaGrange Fire Fitness, but the reason of its creation wasn’t to show off their muscles. 

A few months ago, LFD Chief John Brant started creating health-focused committees within the department. 

“We felt the drive to do something bigger, and from that, a health and wellness program was developed,” said Charles Mallory, an LFD firefighter and head of the health and wellness committee. “With that some of the things we do are called ‘WODs,’ workout of the day. It is kind of like functional movement workouts that are high intensity training that is geared toward what we do.” 

The LFD firefighters can answer calls to small issues or ones that are larger and more strenuous on their bodies, like large structure fires. 

“You are asked to jump in hot gear and then do very strenuous work over a period of time,” Mallory said. “It all goes along with each other.” 

The health and wellness program the committee decided to make the page. 

“What we typically post throughout the week is a couple of things that will typically be pictures of the guys working out,” Mallory said. “They are functional fitness style workouts that way people in public safety, not just fire departments, will have something they can go to if they want to come up with a workout. It gives them a place to go to find workouts that are geared toward our profession.” 

The page isn’t all firefighters picking up heavy weights or doing a large quantity of push-ups. Motivational quotes are shared to inspire and uplift other public safety officers. 

“There was a large responsibility that we took on when we signed up to do this,” Mallory said. “We make sure we stay physically fit, so the motivational quotes kind of pick people up on those days when they aren’t really feeling it.” 

Mallory said that other firefighters use the page to motivate themselves to “get after it.” The firefighters can be seen on the page working in full gear to get prepared for dealing with fires and the heat. 

“Sometimes we wear full gear, and sometimes they are just in pants,” Mallory said. “It’s geared toward where it can be modified to fit anybody.” 

The firefighters use body weight, things they have around the station, a row machine and your typical dumbbells and bars. 

“Things that build core strength for the body is what we work on,” Mallory said. 

Mallory said that the page is new and the program is in its beginning stages, that they just want to help everyone right now. 

“We are in the early stages of building the health and wellness program,” Mallory said. “Once things start taking off, we will set a concrete goal, but futuristically I foresee something.” 

The firefighters pride themselves in being physically fit but also want to focus on their mental wellness as well. 

“The mental part the program is going to be just as important as the physical one,” Mallory said 

To follow the Instagram page, go to @lagrangefirefitness and hit the follow button.