Phase 2 hosts fourth annual Streak for the Ta Tas

Published 7:38 pm Wednesday, September 25, 2019

To support the upcoming Hope for a Day event, Phase 2 salon offered to streak hair pink for a $10 donation.  

“The whole staff took a day off to be part of this,” said salon owner Diana Mitchell. 

The stylists were all dressed as pink superheroes and appointments were cleared to allow for a day of walk-ins.  

“My sister-in-law is battling breast cancer right now,” said stylist Lynne Diangelo.  

Nodding, all the stylists confirmed having clients or family affected by the disease.

The event has grown each year, according to Mitchell, who said they see women of all ages participate. 

“And it’s always different people,” she said. “Since different people are affected by breast cancer, it’s a different crowd each time.”

One returning client is Patty Justice, who returned for a third time.  She has someone in her family fighting cancer but not breast cancer.  She was there to support the salon and her stylist, Shannon Norred.  

In preparation for this year’s event, the salon sold raffle tickets and helped promote the Hope for a Day event for the entire month of September. 

The drawings included a $100 Amazon gift card, two $50 Phase 2 gift certificates and a pink quilt handmade by Mitchell’s daughter, Zoie.  

T-shirts were available for sale, and 100 percent of funds raised from the shirts and raffles went to Hope for a Day. 

“All funding given to Hope stays inside Troup County,” Mitchell said.  “That’s one reason we choose to take part.”