Pedal Forward opens new location for non-profit bike shop in downtown Hogansville

Published 6:27 pm Wednesday, October 2, 2019

HOGANSVILLE — One non-profit in Hogansville has yet to hit the brakes on developing and expanding. 

After a little more than two months, Alex and Emilee Abraham have finished renovations and opened a new, larger location for Pedal Forward in downtown Hogansville. The new location is at 205 East Main Street.

“The main program we are focusing on is our earn-a-bike program,” Emilee said. “It is a six-week program where kids come and learn character traits and bike mechanics. Ultimately, bikes are kind of a tool to connect with the kids.” 

Kids in the program will pick out a bike at the beginning of the six-weeks and work solely on that bike rebuilding it. 

“This helps give a little more personal connection to the bike, so we think they typically put a little more effort into it because that is the one they get to take home,” Emilee said. “They get to learn all about bikes and be exposed to different things and mechanics.” 

The program is every Tuesday afternoon, but Alex and Emilee said they hope to expand more than the bike program soon. 

“Eventually the dream is to be an open store front and have operating hours during the day,” Emilee said. “That people could come and do some light repairs, refurbish bikes, sell refurbished bikes. Ultimately, in the back, we would love for it to be a safe place for kids to come hang out.” 

The goal for Pedal Forward is not just to build bikes and character, but to also give the kids a positive place to build friendships, leadership skills and hope. 

 “We just kind of see the absence of family, and we want to fill that absence,” Emilee said. 

“We want to be those people who instill hope in these kids and that there are good things happening and good things to come. They can come to us and know they have a place they belong.” 

When it came to picking out the building, Alex said he has had his eye on this one for a long time.

“This was a dry cleaner for like the last 50 years,” Alex said. “I literally looked at every building online every day trying to figure out which building would work.”

Pedal Forward is a 501(c)3 non-profit that runs completely on donations. Alex said rent is their largest expense, other than bike parts. 

Emilee said they hope to soon be able to afford an employee.  

“We want to be not just a bike shop with an earn a bike program, but to also to expand into just a place where kids can come hang out after school, serve free dinners and be that positive space in the community,” Emilee said. 

Going forward, Alex and Emilee have high hopes for the new location of Pedal Forward. 

“We are most excited for the future of being open on a daily basis where we can be available to whoever needs it, not just kids,” Alex said.  

To learn more about how to get involved with the nonprofit or to donate, visit or text PF2019 to 44321.