Keep a positive mindset

Published 4:23 pm Friday, October 4, 2019

Is “stinking thinking” costing you money? Negative thoughts allow your ship to sink before it leaves the docks. I was very blessed because my dad always told me I could do anything if I set my goals to do it.

We must all water the right seeds each week. We all get some bad seeds — you’re not tall enough or you’re not smart enough. Well, you must find your good seeds and water them to grow the good.

Work to keep in mind that you are one of a kind and talented.

Do not let other people talk you out of your destiny.

It is not their dream, it is yours.

Have the image in your mind that you are blessed and as a result prosperity will be yours.

The most important thing you can do is tell yourself over and over:

1. I am blessed

2. I am healthy

3. I am talented.

Do this many times a day and you may find your perspective is one of you as a winner.

Getting out of debt

I have been a big fan of Dave Ramsey for a long time. I know we will be better off if we were debt free.

If your group would like to have Financial Peace University, I have done it for others in the past so just give me a call and we will work out a time for your group.

Each person would have a small investment in materials and will only need a place for your group, TV/VCR set up and my time is free for the group. Break the chains credit cards have put on people and life is much better!

My cell is (706) 350-1000.