OUR VIEW: New partnership good for pet owners

Published 7:47 pm Monday, October 7, 2019

There are countless families living within the Troup County area who have a furry friend that they call a part of the family. 

Sometimes these pets can escape or wander off from our yards or homes and cause a great deal of turmoil in our lives trying to find them. 

The City of LaGrange has partnered with Finding Rover to help pet owners find their lost pets faster. The app uses facial recognition to help relocate pets. 

The owner adds a photo of their cat or dog and some basic contact information, and then their animal is protected for life. 

The City of LaGrange Animal Services now automatically adds an account for every stray they pick up, so if your animal is lost, the system is supposed to recognize the facial features then inform you of the found pet. 

Registering a pet on the app or website is free of charge. In addition to helping lost pets find their way back home, Finding Rover also features dogs and cats that are available for adoption.  

This means our four-legged loved ones can be back wagging their tails or purring away in our arms sooner with this software partnership. 

We are thankful that the city decided to do this because we know how important pets are to families in Troup County.