ADK hosts fashion show with a twist

Published 6:25 pm Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The fashion runway had a different look on Tuesday night. 

The local Georgia Beta Iota chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international sorority for female educators, hosted a faux pas fashion show Tuesday to raise money for future educators. 

“We had 22 faux pas models, which means play on words,” said Co-Chapter President-Elect and fashion show co-chair Kathy Hagler. “The tax commissioner is a male stripper, and we have several teachers who are ladies of the night. All of our money goes to scholarships for future teachers.” 

A diverse group of outfits appeared on the runway with different themes, including county tax commissioner Shane Frailey strutting his stuff in a mailman outfit throwing strips of paper at the crowd as a “mail stripper.”

“This is the second year they have hosted this, and it is such a great turn out,” Frailey said. “This speaks out to all the teachers in our community. The number one thing we should be doing is supporting our teachers, and I’m glad people came out to do that tonight.” 

At the first fashion show in 2018, Chapter President Kellie Hubbard said that they raised more than $10,000. Hubbard said they were hopeful to raise even more this year, but totals weren’t known Wednesday. 

“It is all about students and helping students in the Troup County school system,” Hagler said. “Teachers coming out of school, their student loans are tremendous. Inflation is not keeping up with their salary, so if we can give a child a $2,000 scholarship, it helps a future public teacher.” 

Beta Iota started the scholarships to push more students to pursue education in college. 

“We thought if there is some help there, then maybe that might encourage them,” Hubbard said. “Over the years, it [the scholarship] has grown.” 

The scholarship was named after Pat Mills, who was a music teacher at Troup High School. 

“She was a legendary music teacher,” Hubbard said. “She was a member of our chapter and wants to use it to encourage future teachers.” 

Hubbard said though they use it for future educators, now, they are extending the funds raised to help students pay for Advanced Placement (AP) exams as well. 

“So many students take the AP class but can’t afford the AP exam,” Hubbard said. “We included that, and we still offered it this past year, but our school board and new superintendent have been trying to make the school system responsible for paying that. We have not had to use it as much recently but still have it there.”  

The success of the scholarship can even be seen reaping rewards in the school system. 

“We had one of our people who received the scholarship receive a job at Long Cane Elementary this year,” Hubbard said. 

Troup County School System Superintendent Dr. Brian Shumate even took part in the festivities. 

Adorned in a suit and Ritz cracker box, Shumate strutted the runway as ‘Putting on the Ritz.’

 “They raise a lot of money for a good cause to help kids with various things, such as taking AP tests,” Shumate said.

 “Not only is the cause great, but it is really a great community event to honor the profession. So,  it’s about the past teachers … as well as current teachers.”