Latasha Dudley hopes to build a sustainable town

Published 7:15 pm Thursday, October 10, 2019

Latasha Dudley is a candidate for district 1 on the LaGrange City Council. 

Dudley said the reason she decided to run for office is she sees a host of opportunities the City of LaGrange can build upon to become a model sustainable community. A sustainable community is defined as a community that is planned, built or modified to promote sustainable living. Sustainable communities focus on environmental and economic sustainability, community infrastructure, social equity and municipal government. 

Dudley said her goal for promoting a sustainable community is to foster a healthy environment with reduced crime and various afterschool/summer programs, a strong economy with the city’s “Square” functioning as the heartbeat of culture and local economics and improving the overall well-being of the community by promoting higher working wages, a viable transportation system and local decisions made by our municipal government that are transparent and focused on goals that benefit the community as a whole. 

In order for our community to thrive as a sustainable community, Dudley said she is vowing to promote the following characteristics if elected as a LaGrange City councilwoman: thinking/acting systematically, instilling resiliency in our community to absorb disruption swiftly and abruptly, fostering innovation to create proactive problem solving to stay ahead of the curve, measuring progress by improvements of the well-being of the citizens of the community, living within our means as a community and continuing to operate on a balanced budget — preferably with reserves for futures issues. 

As a mother, educator, counselor, law student, and entrepreneur, Dudley said she has a diverse background to help accomplish the goals to create and maintain a sustainable community; one in which everyone can benefit and be proud of.