A September to remember

Published 7:13 pm Thursday, October 17, 2019

Thank you to all who attended, celebrated and participated in, what is best in “America’s Greatest Little City” for L.I.F.E. (LaGrange International Friendship Exchange).

L.l.F.E. has now for almost two decades sponsored a unified community effort for “Peace through Music” since our national tragedy on 9/11. 

This special concert was initiated by a woman in NYC who believed that love and humanity must come together peacefully as ONE community through music, although from different countries and cultures in the world. 

She challenged civilians, artists, musicians, and dancers alike to “be best” by loving and creating “positive waves” to better understand each other and live peacefully together worldwide.

Gratefully, LaGrange has embraced this unique concert idea of “unity” in memory of our national tragedy on 9/11. By inviting local and international talented artists for a beautiful voluntary performance each year in the community, we are continuing perhaps one of the few September 9/11 Concert events in our country with sister cities around the world.

Thanks to the enthusiastic community response received over the years, L.I.F.E. has more recently been able to expound upon the idea and also sponsor a peaceful and positive 9/11 International Food Festival with live music downtown for the community to better appreciate all countries and cultures represented in LaGrange.

This 9/11 International Food Festival and Concert is a wonderful cultural and musical experience for LaGrange. Without a doubt, it shows that we are stronger together in love and that we stand together against any hate within our community! Each year over 9/11, love and community are proven to be celebrated here in downtown LaGrange.

If you missed it this year, please remember to plan on this weekend September event for all years ahead. We look forward to seeing you attend, participate in, and celebrate with L.I.F.E. the “spirit of unity” in our community. 

To be more involved and participate each September, please contact L.I.F.E. at the Chamber of Commerce to help continue this 9/11 legacy as a LaGrange tradition.

Christiane Price

L.I.F.E. Board Member