Rodeo should become annual event

Published 5:59 pm Wednesday, October 23, 2019

rodeo was held this past weekend in West Point to raise money for local first responders in crisis.

“We had a wonderful rodeo,” organizer Bubba Oubre said. “We had a complete sell-out on Friday night.”

The event raised thousands of dollars for the First Responders Crisis Fund, a non-profit benefiting first responders dealing with adversity in their personal lives.

The rodeo brought out many sponsors, including Kia, Coca Cola, Batson Cook, Greene Super Drug, the Moon Family, Ricky and John Wolfe, Ashley McCoy, West Point Fire Chief Mitt Smith and LaGrange Fire Chief John Bryant. Although weather conditions limited the weekend’s competitions on Sunday, West Point Mayor Steve Tramell said the rodeo was a success.

“We had wonderful attendance Friday night and got to benefit the first responders,” he said, “We’re already talking about next year. We want them back soon.”

An annual fundraising rodeo will not only benefit the non-profit organization that proceeds go to, but it provides another weekend form of entertainment for both participants and spectators. It’s another alternative for kids who may need something to do to get them to go outside. During a break in the rodeo action, the kids in attendance were invited to run onto the arena and chase a calf with a bow on its tail. The winner received $10.

For the adults, one competition included cowboys wrestling steers down to the ground.

It’s nice to try something new, and holding the fundraiser once a year keeps the novelty of attending the event in West Point intact.

In addition to the various other outdoor sports, a rodeo can be a fun event for the entire family to watch or participate in. Building a consistent presence in West Point can establish years of memories to come for local citizens.

“Friday showed us that this could be a great event for years to come,” Matt Oubre said. “This was the first step into something great.”

We certainly hope so. The rodeo was good fun, supported a great cause and could become an annual event we all look forward to.