Letter: Seniors won’t stop fighting school property tax

Published 3:46 pm Friday, October 25, 2019

Dear Editor, 

I am 89-years-old and was hired in 1962 to come to LaGrange and revitalize the Chamber of Commerce and bring in diversified industries. 

This was a textile town and getting new, diversified industry was not easy. 

At the time, there were local businessmen and women who wanted to see the area grow and prosper. 

With a lot of hard work on their part, we succeeded. 

The schools were good under the leadership of men like R.S. Clark and B.A. Lancaster and good, honest people served on the school boards who did not try to fool the citizens.

 Just a little history for you young folks. 

The brings me to my point. I attended the school board meeting in September, when an overflow crowd of senior citizens attend seeking help. 

I think this overwhelmed the board, and they were caught by surprise.  

This was not the case at the October meeting. They had time to call in help and paraded, and I hate to say this, their troops to stem the tide. 

One was the president of LaGrange College, who does not have any property in Troup County, according to the property tax records on QPublic, which means he must not be paying school tax. 

I, personally, resent a person who does not pay the tax coming and lecturing to me about what I should do. 

Then there was the heating and air contractor who does not have any children in the public schools but does do a considerable amount of business with the TCSS. 

I assume all of this is through bids? 

Then there were the ones who had strong ties to the school system. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? 

Some of these folks are friends of mine, and I sure would like to know who got them to attend to speak. 

I know they did not, all of a sudden, decide to go to the board meeting.

I had hoped after the first meeting that the board was interested in the senior citizens and did want to try and help, but after the spectacle that they put on at the past meeting, I don’t think so. Sad, isn’t it? 

I wonder if they think the people are stupid. It was obvious what they had done and I feel kind of sorry for the people they conned into doing their bidding — I guess they were doing what they were told to do.

Finally, old folks don’t forget easily. You may as well line up a lot more of your cronies because the senior citizens will be there.

Chuck Franklin