New Renality opens full service dialysis clinic in LaGrange

Published 7:02 pm Friday, October 25, 2019

New Renality, a new dialysis clinic in LaGrange, held a ribbon cutting on Thursday afternoon. At New Renality, Patients can come to the center or be treated at home.  

“We prefer patients to stay at home,” Chief Communications Officer Pamela Anderson said. “At all of our facilities, that is a highlight of our offerings.” 

 However, not all patients want to be treated at home. 

“Some like coming to an in-center treatment because they like the community of it, so we make sure we’re a full-service provider,” Anderson said. 

For those who do want home care, teleconferencing is an option. 

“Because we’re brand new, we’re fortunate to have all the up-to-date equipment. 

We can monitor patients in their homes, and if we see something that is not right, we can call them,” Anderson said. 

The facility uses tele-medicine, which allows patients and medical staff to talk through minor issues, which saves money. 

“One of the main costs is a patient going to the emergency room when they have a question, or are concerned about something,” Anderson said. 

“Tele-medicine lets them feel like they are part of the community, yet still be in their home.”

The facility is located at 109 Parker Dr. next to WellStar West Georgia Medical Center. 

“It’s convenient for patients in the hospital,” said Dr. Andre Feria, another local nephrologist. “And doctors are close.”

The clinic offers in-center dialysis, peritoneal home therapy, and home hemo dialysis, according to Anderson.

New Renality COO Brenda Lepley said she and CEO Joseph Cashia have built a dialysis clinic in LaGrange before. They sold it 10 years ago but wanted to come back. 

“We love the area. We love the people,” Lepley said. 

The vision for this clinic is different. 

“Our goal is to care for them, educate and empower them, so they are managing their disease, instead of their disease managing them,” Anderson said. 

“We can offer the patient whatever choice they need for the journey they are on.”

For more information, call (615) 714-1576 or go to