Talent show benefits the future

Published 6:30 pm Wednesday, October 30, 2019

LaGrange Has Talent will announce its top 10 finalists Friday night at Wild Leap Brew Co.

These top finalists will go onto the next round and take the stage at the Troup High Performing Arts Center Nov. 21.

Proceeds from the event benefit Babies Learning on Course for Kindergarten Success (BLOCKS), which focuses on early childhood development and is working to improve access to high-quality early childhood education. The contest is organized by the Magnolia Society, the women’s leadership council of the United Way of West Georgia.

This program is important to the community because the volunteers and employees of UWWG are working constantly to make sure children are prepared when they enter kindergarten.

According the BLOCKSwga.org, if a child enters kindergarten behind, their chances of reading on grade level by third grade are much slimmer. If that child isn’t reading on grade level by third grade, it becomes much less likely they will graduate high school.

Supporting this talent show is not just supporting aspiring local artists, musicians and musical groups, but also the next generation of leaders.

Voting is open to anyone and will conclude at midnight on Thursday. “Donations are tax-deductible because you’re making donations to United Way of West Georgia, which is a 501(c)3,” said Stephanie Preston, the creator of LaGrange Has Talent. For more information, tickets and to vote, visit lagrangehastalent.com.

For more information, tickets and to vote, visit lagrangehastalent.com.