Your Pie hosts daddy, daughter night out event

Published 6:31 pm Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Almost 200 dads took their daughters to Your Pie’s first Daddy and Daughter Night Out Tuesday night in LaGrange. 

“We just felt like with the business we have and the connection we have with the community, that this kind of event was a no brainer,” said Your Pie franchise owner Bob Rosato. “We wanted to take it and ratchet it up a notch because I brought up two girls myself and would have just loved to have these kinds of events when they were growing up. This was natural fit for us to do.”

Your Pie closed its doors to the public so dads could bring their daughter to the restaurant for a private sit-down meal and to enjoy the night together. 

“For our first year, this turnout is incredible,” Rosato said. “I was overwhelmed with the response we had.” 

They were even treated to a limo ride around downtown. 

“Many little kids haven’t had an opportunity to ever be in a limousine, especially with their dads and this gives them a little bit of intimate time together to spend with one another,” Rosato said. 

Rosato said they had a surge of ticket sales a week before the event after they posted photos from the Daddy and Daughter Night Out event hosted at the franchise in Peachtree City. 

“They saw all the details of what we were doing for the Peachtree City store, and I think that helped fuel that last week’s ticket sales,” Rosato said. “This event  gives them an opportunity to come in here and be in a little bit quieter. That’s why have violin music in the background, and it gives them a chance to connect.” 

Disney princess Belle made an appearance during the event and passed out roses to each daughter. 

Your Pie gave the option of two different times for dads to bring their daughter to the event because Rosato said that he understands there is a hustle and bustle that all parents deal with.  

“We wanted to give them more of a kind of a five-star experience,” Rosato said. 

“Certainly, in a pizza restaurant those two things don’t necessarily go together in terms of the experience. So, we wanted to give them all the details, perhaps have a five-star experience there. We also made little booklets for them, so they can do some drawings and have a keepsake.”

Rosato also added that they had a photobooth set up with props that dads and daughters could take photos in for free with unlimited printing.   

“Family time is just so important,” Rosato said. 

“We get so caught up in the daily life of what we all do that we sometimes forget how much, how important it is just to spend those few minutes or a couple of hours with our families.”