City of LaGrange Animal Services applauds Puppy Pipeline for its continuing efforts to place local, elderly animals up for adoption in northern states

Published 8:14 pm Friday, November 1, 2019

LaGrange Animal Services representatives are applauding the efforts of Puppy Pipeline for helping find senior animals a forever home. According to a press release from the city, on Monday, Puppy Pipeline representatives picked up a boxer mix from LAS named Barbosa who had his leg amputated due to a neglectful owner. 

“We are extremely grateful for Mike Dougherty at the Puppy Pipeline for thinking of the senior dogs like Barbosa,” said City of LaGrange Animal Services Supervisor Chris Bussey in the press release. “Older dogs, especially dogs with physical limitations, are harder to adopt and their future isn’t as bright. We appreciate Mike [from Puppy Pipeline] because he comes to our shelter periodically to help adopt those senior dogs find a home.”  

The Puppy Pipeline of Georgia Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that transports puppies, kittens, dogs and cats to the Northeast and Upper Midwest to no-kill shelters that will find them forever homes. The animals sent on the Puppy Pipeline usually spend less than a week on the adoption floor before they find their forever home. The City of LaGrange Animal Services has been a partner of the Puppy Pipeline since its inception in 2007.

LaGrange Animal Services is continuing to work toward achieving a no-kill shelter status. LaGrange Animal Services is currently at an 82 percent save rate. The city must achieve a 90 percent save rate to be considered a no-kill shelter.

City staff is using its efforts to work with outside agencies to help get animals adopted. According to the city, roughly 70 dogs and puppies were taken to the Cleveland Browns’ training camp to take part in its Puppy Pound adoption event in July. 

In 2018, the City of LaGrange was able to save nearly 1,000 animals through their partnership with the Puppy Pipeline, according to City of LaGrange Marketing, Communications Manager Katie Van Schoor. 

LaGrange Animal Services and the LaGrange-Troup County Humane Society work closely together and are asking the public to consider volunteering or donating. 

Donations needed include small bags of dog and cat food, crystal blue cat litter, blankets, towels, collars, leashes and toys.

If anyone is interested in volunteering, orientations are held the second and fourth Wednesdays at 10 a.m. at the Animal Services Building, located at 1390 Orchard Hill Road in LaGrange. Volunteers need to be 18-years-old but can be 16 with a guardian. For more information, call Mandi Bono with the Humane Society at (706) 298-3608.

For more information on the Puppy Pipeline, go to