Troup County marriages for the month of October 2019

Published 5:37 pm Friday, November 1, 2019

Jordon Laster and Kirstin Carnes

Taylor King and Kaitlyn Camp

Timothy Hodnett and Kathy Stewart

Christopher Rawson and JoAnna Burdette

Bernard May and Mary Robertson

Taylor Bowen and Kristen Gordy

Patrick Woodyard and Kazianna Brockington

Alvin Thomas and Wynter Hightower

Jay Wright and Ashley Cummings

Steve Turner and Laura Harmon

Charles DeVane and Whitney Farmer

Dawson Fowler and Elizabeth Williamson

Omar Ramirez Lucas and Lizet Raymundo Morales

Luis Majico Martinez and Jocelyne Ramirez

Virgil Gore and Yvonne Bennett

Frederick Recore and Tammy Williams

Lorenza Hutchinson and Carrsellea Tucker

Randall Hemmings and Tia Lewis

Sherrod Carmichael and Cory Vickery

Adam Lawrence and Jill Fowler

Dakota McCormick and Caitlyn Douglas

Deminico Jackson and Adrena Dukes

Meghan Keith and Kayla Finney

Taylor McDonald and Rachael Wallace

Forrest Hill and Emily Jackson

Gary Bishop and Kathleen Fadler

Jonathan Uran and Kaylen Kelley

Corey Hogan and Julie  Harvey

Ronald Satterwhite and Dyan Tate

Paul Jackson and Amy Guined

Delavenchi Jones and Kristen Rowland

Randall Towler and Lisa Bowers

Jemario Brooks and Erica Elliott

Brandon Rose and Wendy Chapman

Brandon Todd and Tashara Fitzpatrick

Jimmy Hutto and Lindsey Nunis

Jose Moreno Bonilla and Quanesha McDaniel

Monterian Edwards and Jasmyne Mora

Antonio Mathis and Shayla Washington

Joel Beauregard and Lisa Noles

Jacob Huerta and Hanna Wright

Garylee Solt and Briston Benefield

Justin Scruggs and Kimberly Bartlett