City installs live camera on square

Published 7:30 pm Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The City of LaGrange has recently installed a live camera featuring the downtown square and the LaFayette fountain. 

“I was at a ribbon cutting a couple of months ago and a gentleman mentioned the idea to me,” LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton said. “He had asked me if we could do it and I thought it was a great idea.”

The live feed officially launched on Monday with its first shot showing the square decorated with American flags for Veterans Day.

“I love this so much, because it showcases one our most beautiful assets in LaGrange,” said Katie Van Schoor, city of LaGrange marketing and communications manager. “Everyone will have the opportunity to see what’s going on in our town.”

She also said it can be used for media outlets to show weather forecasts feeds in the LaGrange area. 

“TV stations pick up that live feed camera and cross promote what is going on in LaGrange,” Van Schoor said. “It is another way people can see our community and city.” 

The live shot can be accessed through the city’s website Additionally, double-clicking the feed makes it full screen. 

Thornton also added that this gives way to the possibility of more live cameras being installed to feature the town. 

“What I always tell people is that when someone makes a suggestion, I never dismiss it out of hand and always try and do something with it,” Thornton said. “I think that tells you how we do business in LaGrange because not all great ideas start at city hall. We are always open for suggestion and are always willing to listen.” 

The live feed started on Monday and also got its first feature on a news station Monday.

WRBL News 3 picked up the live cam feed three times for its weather forecast on the midday show.