Second ever LaGrange 101 class graduates

Published 7:31 pm Wednesday, November 13, 2019

On Tuesday night, the LaGrange City Council celebrated 15 citizens getting to know a bit more about the city where they live as the second ever LaGrange 101 class graduated.

LaGrange 101 is a free six-week class hosted by the city that met once a week. Each week, the class heard from two City of LaGrange department heads on topics ranging from police to recycling to utilities.

“This is our second group of graduates, and they’ve gone through the LaGrange 101 program, which is a new program that was instituted last year under the leadership of City Manager [Meg] Kelsey as well as members of or staff, including Mrs. Katie Van Schoor,” LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton said. 

A video showing an overview of what happened during the class was shared with the city council at the end of its meeting on Tuesday.

“We had a wonderful LaGrange 101 class,” Van Schoor said. 

The 15 members of the 2019 LaGrange 101 class included Jenni Sampson, Yvonne Lopez, Betty Drinkard, Mark Storrs, Ameia Cotton, Tripp Penn, Neil Sherman, Desmond Watson, Carolyn Burke, Sally Sue Bradley, Teara Harris, Kendez Parker, Mike Meredith, Jamie Daniel and Brent Matthews.

Anyone interested in participating in the 2020 LaGrange 101 class, please contact Katie Mercer Van Schoor at