Lock up during the holidays

Published 8:26 pm Friday, November 22, 2019

LaGrange College recently had multiple cars broken into, and one suspect still has not been caught. 

As the holidays draw nearer, we can all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of running around trying to prepare for Thanksgiving meals or Christmas shopping, and forget to lock the doors to our vehicles. Perpetrators use this to their advantage. 

According to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, locked vehicles can serve as a deterrent to someone lurking around looking to break into a vehicle. TCSO said, that on average in 90 percent of entering auto cases, the victim reported that they had left their vehicle unlocked in the driveway. During the holidays, it tends to see an up-tick in “crimes of opportunity.” 

Don’t help a crook, so lock your doors. It also is recommended that if you are doing your holiday gift shopping, don’t leave gifts visible or in the vehicle. 

This could give a culprit extra motivation to break into a vehicle. 

Even if you are running into the store quickly to grab those last-minute Thanksgiving meal items, never leave your car running or unlocked. This week with many students are on Thanksgiving break, it is not uncommon for families to take a vacation. If you are leaving town for the break, make sure that all windows, doors and even gates are locked. Leave a light or two on throughout the house to make it appear as someone is home. 

There are countless smart devices that can put your lights come on and off periodically. If you have someone you trust, ask them to check on your house as well. 

The sheriff’s office will offer their services to check windows and your home while you are on vacation, too. 

If you ever see something suspicious or your vehicle seems tampered with, call the police.