WellStar West Georgia honors 2019 Lovelight Donors

Published 8:00 pm Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Lovelight Tree is an annual project of the WellStar West Georgia Medical Center Auxiliary, according to a press release from the hospital.

Donations from $5 to $500 are given in memory of a loved one or in honor of a person who has in some way enriched another person’s life.  An ornament for each donation is placed on the Lovelight Tree in the Lobby of the South Tower at WellStar West Georgia Medical Center.  

The donations given are used to pay for the Lifeline Emergency Response System for subscribers who are unable to afford the service. 

Donations are also used to pay for cab fare for patients who need transportation to return home from the hospital.

Donations of $500 or more denotes a LifeLight. This year’s LifeLight donors are: Eve and John McKibben in memory of Claude and Sara McKibben; Robert and Laura Tillman, Corey Allen McKibben, Claude McKibben, Jr. and Yvonne McKibben.

Donations of $100 or more denotes a HeartLight. This year’s HeartLight donors are: Ring’s Forklift & Battery Service in memory of Jordan Ring; Katharyn Dunn in memory of Bill J. Dunn; Jose and Kathy Reyes in memory of Kenneth Smith and Alex, Andy and Abbie Reyes; C-Pak Corporation in memory of Jean Tipton; Virginia Bonner in memory of the Rev. J. Phillip Bonner and in honor of Mrs. Phyllis Tarr; Bernice Strickland in memory of Mr. T. P. Strickland Jr.; The Camp Family in memory of Mr. J. Hugh Camp; Jerry Johnson in memory of J. M. Johnson and Shep Phillips Sr.; Dr. Rod and Anne Duraski in memory of Annette Beach; Louellen and Catherine Gurley in memory of Kay Brown; Rheba M. King in memory of Ray D. King; the Robinson Family in memory of Peter Robinson; Mike and Jean Patton in honor of our children and grandchildren; Fred and Beverly Lundberg in memory of Margaret Melton; 

Donations of $5 or more denotes a LoveLight. This year’s LoveLight donors  in memory are: Robert and Barbara Dodson in memory of Grady Callahan, Doug Neal and Louisa Edelson; WWGMC Auxiliary in memory of Gary Stephens; Jack and Bev Wetherington in memory of Mrs. Pat Roberts, Mr. Gene Bishop, Mrs. Carrie Bishop, Mrs. Nellie Freeman, Dr. John G. Herring and Mr. Dave Billing; Jack, Bev and Bobby Wetherington in memory of Mr. Bob Cain, Mr. Richard L. Daniel, Mr. John J. McCracken and Mr. Wally Skinner; Vivian Arrington in memory of Charles Arrington and Archie Arrington; Ruth D. Johnson in memory of the Rev. Charles G. Johnson and C. Robert Johnson; Carla and Megan Hale in memory of Eugene Crocker; Marie McNally in memory of Mr. Timothy McNally; Jean Crocker in memory of Eugene Crocker; Ben and Laurie Yates in memory of Mrs. Nelle Yates and Mrs. Ann Jones; Susan Ferguson in memory of Mrs. Anita Gibbs, Mr. Charlie Gibbs, Mrs. Elsie Ferguson and Mr. Bob Ferguson; Mallory Realty Company in memory of Mrs. Georgia H. Mallory, Mr. Richard H. Mallory Jr. and Mr. Richard H. Mallory Sr.; Peggy Wiles in memory of Mr. Jesse (Rusty) Nix; Rachel Worrell in memory of Dick Worrell and Carol Turner; anonymous donor in memory of Miriam Reeves; Patrick and Jackie Terrail in memory of Gabriel Sirigo; John and Anne Seay in memory of Cynthia O’Neal; Talisman Garden Club in memory of friends and loved ones of Talisman Garden Club; Carla and Jimmy Rhodes in memory of Mr. Gary L. Stephens; Lynn and Vic Howard in memory of Mrs. Nelda Cook and Mrs. Dorothy Howard; Mr. and Mrs. Steve and Robin Fincher in memory of Elizabeth Bolt; Rachel Shiver in memory of Richard Shiver and Rodney Harmon; Sid and Mary Lynn Faress in memory of Dr. Rob Greer; Becky Parnell in memory of Milton Brookins; Gail C. Walsh in memory of Gene Ward, Mr. and Mrs. William E. Cox and Jim Walsh; 

Donations in honor were:  Kathy McWhorter in honor of Mrs. Wanda Alexander; Ben and Laurie Yates in honor of Mrs. Helen Baker; Theresa Shane in honor of Jean Lewis. 

WellStar also noted donations from Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. Keeble; Alfred and Beverly McNair; Taste of Lemon Restaurant; and Heart of West Georgia, Inc.

Anyone interested in donating through the Lovelight Program should contact Jean Lewis, director of volunteer services at WellStar West Georgia Medical Center at (706) 882-1411