OUR VIEW: Hogansville enters 2020 with change

Published 8:00 pm Thursday, December 19, 2019

Last week, news broke that Hogansville City Manager David Milliron was accepting the same position in Danville, Kentucky.

Milliron has served as Hogansville’s city manager since September 2017 and from our perspective he’s performed well in that role. With Milliron leading, Hogansville has taken steps in the right direction on many projects, including the downtown masterplan and renovating the Royal Theatre. Milliron pushed for both of those issues, as well as many others.

He’s also put an emphasis on informing the public through Hogansville’s social media pages. We hope the city will find a way to continue that after he moves on to Kentucky.

Milliron’s first day in Danville is Jan. 15, so he’s got a little more time left in Hogansville before moving on.

We wrote after election day that Hogansville was going to have a brand-new looking city government. Now, you can add Milliron to the list. Once he departs, Hogansville have will three brand new council members, plus a soon-to-be new city manager.

Only Mayor Bill Stankiewicz and councilmembers Reginald Jackson and Marichal Price remain from the current governing body. Price is still a relatively new council member after taking office in 2018. 

New council members Mandy Neese, Mark Ayers and Toni Striblin have some difficult decisions ahead, including hiring Milliron’s replacement. 

Change can be a good and bad thing, but one thing is for certain — if Hogansville wanted change, it’s certainly got it.