City may limit parking on part of Broad St.

Published 5:41 pm Monday, December 23, 2019

Another portion of Broad Street could become a no parking zone in January as the LaGrange City Council considers sight distance complaints on the road.

During its final work session of the year, the LaGrange City Council discussed a recent complaint from a citizen that she couldn’t see around cars parked on the road while trying to pull out of her driveway. 

“We have a yellow curb on most of Broad Street — from Ben Hill to the college,” said Dion Senn, public services director for the City of LaGrange. “The only section that is not yellow curbed is about four parking spots between her house and 500, where you see the police car parked [in a photo in the council packet] and going back eastbound.”

During discussion on the request, several council members said that they had also received complaints from residents on nearby streets.

“I have had complaints from people who live up Ben Hill about coming out there now that The Thread has gone in,” LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton said. “They complain about visibility, and this would probably help with that as well because at least you would have more of a sight line if you’re coming down the hill making a left.”

Senn said that the spaces are typically used by students from LaGrange College and college visitors. 

“Those spots are always filled with three or four cars from the college, and she [the resident] says she can’t see around those until she gets out into the road or the front of her car out into the lane, and sometimes it’s too late,” Senn said. “I turned everything over to the police department for their recommendation.”

According to City Manager Meg Kelsey, the LaGrange Police Department did not recommend making the area a no park zone, but based on the citizen complaints, the council agreed to move forward with a public hearing on the proposed no-parking zone.

If approved, the update would mean that there would be no street-side parking between Ben Hill Street and Springdale Drive. Council Member Nathan Gaskin asked that the city reach out to residents of the impacted homes and the college regarding the proposed no-parking zone.

The LaGrange City Council will hold a public hearing on Jan. 14, and the council will vote on the proposed change on Jan. 28.