Making Georgia best state for small business

Published 5:05 pm Friday, December 27, 2019

Candidate Brian Kemp, for all his polarizing campaign rhetoric, based his gubernatorial run on making Georgia the best state for small business.

Nearly a year after taking office, and standing before Savannah’s small business community at the Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting, Gov. Kemp reiterated that pledge on Wednesday.

And reminded us how he has delivered.

Kemp pointed to the 73,000 jobs added in the state in 2019. He talked about Savannah attracting Plastic Express, which built a $172 million facility in Pooler this year and is on track to become a top-five user of Savannah’s port. He talked about how more than 70% of new businesses in Georgia are located outside of metro Atlanta.

“We’re showing we can build anything for anybody located anywhere right here in Georgia,” he said.

Kemp has maintained his business-first focus during his gubernatorial honeymoon. He’s engaged in a Georgia Made tour, visiting cities and small communities alike across the state. And he’s making the local chamber of commerce rounds — he attended the Albany chamber’s annual meeting on Tuesday ahead of his trip to Savannah. Kemp is a couple weeks shy of his first anniversary as governor. The Georgia General Assembly opens its 2020 session on Jan. 13, and Kemp will submit his second state budget in the days following.

The Savannah community is better for Gov. Kemp’s efforts to improve the state’s small business climate. As he enters his second year, we support him in that work.

— The Savannah Morning News