LPD to host in depth active shooter lecture

Published 6:40 pm Friday, January 3, 2020

The LaGrange Police Department is hosting a free active shooter training for civilians in the community. 

Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event, or C.R.A.S.E., training is to help in the event of an active threat where it is a life or death situation. 

According to LPD Officer James Davison, the in depth lecture-style course will go over possible active shooter scenarios and events that could happen in a person’s everyday life. 

“We also review the mindset of some of the offenders, and we included some of the FBI study that was recently released about the people that do these kind of things,” Davison said. 

“We show people how to prevent these kinds of things from happening in the workplace, and to have safe guards in place against these kinds of things. It’s not specific, and it’s very generic to any business, industry or church. We kind of capture everything and anything.”

Anyone interested invited to participate in the free event. 

“The take away is how to be a survivor,” Davison said. 

“It is important in today’s world that everyone has this training and has some exposure to it. We are coming out with this training for every walk of life.” 

LPD will also do the training for a business, venue or a church per request. 

“There’s a threat vulnerability assessment we do on your particular property, if we come out and do it for you,” Davison said. 

“It kind of gives you an idea what is good, better, best and prevention.” 

C.R.A.S.E. will begin at 6 p.m. on Jan. 14 at the LPD training center on 376 Aerotron Parkway in LaGrange. 

“This is important because in today’s world there is all the situations and incidents every day that involves people with guns shooting groups of people at various different places and different venues,” Davison said. “People need to be aware of how to be a survivor and how to survive one of those types of events.”

Davison said it is also important for a person to learn to recognize an incident before it happens. 

“We want to show how to recognize one of them ahead of time before it happens, maybe even recognize somebody that might be going to plan one ahead of time,” Davison said. 

“Even help you recognize some red flags to people’s attention. We need to start talking about this a little more than we have been.”

To sign up for the course or for more information email to davison@lagrangega.org.