Daddy Daughter Dance means something special

Published 5:45 pm Monday, January 27, 2020

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Last week dozens of dads and daughters spent their evening bonding and dancing the night away at the Del’avant Event Center for the annual Chick-fil-a Daddy Daughter Dance.

The event was created as a way for dads, or father figures, to bond with their daughters and spend time together. We all know how important our fathers are in our lives, and there is plenty of research showing that children with involved dads typically do better in school and stay out of trouble.

In the busyness of 2020, there are very few times where we can sit down our phones, turn off the TV and spend the night connecting with our family. There’s always an errand to run or work to be done.

But this special night allowed fathers to do exactly that. All of those distractions were put aside to focus on something much more important — their daughters.

The event helps show these young girls what it means to be treated with elegance, love, respect and kindness.

Years from now, daughters will be able to look back on the night and remember that special time they were able to have with their dads.

Girls of all ages also had a chance to dress up and put on their best dresses for the evening.   

We are thankful for a community of dads, father figures and grandfathers that are making it a point to show the young, impressionable girls of Troup County the importance of being treated right and how they should be loved.

We commend each dad who took out time to spend time with their daughter, and even if you are a dad and were not able to make it to the event, we hope you take the time out of your week and try and do something similar for your daughter.

Thank you to Chick-fil-a and Del’avant for hosting such a popular and impactful event.