After-school program opens in Hogansville

Published 5:00 pm Thursday, February 13, 2020

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Pioneer Georgia, a growing group of young creatives that have been paving the steps to revitalizing Hogansville, recently opened an after school program. 

The after-school program, Elevation Youth, is currently serving more than 100 students ranging from pre-k to fifth grade. 

“The program really hit the ground running in November,” said Elevation Executive Director Charon Prophet. “A lot of parents are very happy with the program. We also serve hot meals to them in the afternoon.” 

After school, Hogansville students take a bus to the program and immediately get started on their homework and then are rotated through other classes like art, recreation or music. 

Prophet said that it is all separated by class levels and each grade has its own classroom. 

“We run as its still a school,” Prophet said. “We work hand-in-hand with the school and the teachers. Sometimes we get extra work from the teachers to help the kids make sure they get that extra work and help to make sure they pass. A majority of our kids are now at a passing rate. We even have some first graders who are on a fifth-grade reading level right now. We definitely push the homework as first and foremost before they do anything else.” 

The after-school program is located in an old church on Granite Street that the Pioneer Group is in the process of renovating. According to Prophet, renovations are expected to be finished by summer. 

Currently, after-school program leaders are in the process of installing or renovating more bathrooms, a computer room, a kitchen, the auditorium recreation area and upgrading the classrooms. 

According to Pioneer Georgia, the program gives the opportunity for kids to explore different opportunities such as educational field trips, professional music programs, professional art instruction, pottery and more. 

As of now, the after-school program is only available for Hogansville students, but the summer program will be open to any student. 

“We will take up to 125 students for the summer,” Prophet said. “We are going from pre-k up to middle school-aged kids. We have pre-registration forms for the summer ready to be picked up.” 

Prophet said that those looking to enroll their children, or grandchildren in the summer program can stop by 401 Granite Street and pick up an application. 

“I am sure we will be filled by next week,” Prophet said. “I will look at registration and go from there as far increasing numbers if need be.” 

The summer program will run June 1 to July 24, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

The cost is $100 per student for the summer, and the students will be given a breakfast, lunch and snacks in the late afternoon. 

“This opens up avenues for parents to go to their jobs or get jobs, and it gives vast opportunities for the students,” Prophet said. 

Prophet also added that students will be able to ride their bike or walk to the summer program if need be. 

“Once they check-in though they cannot leave, and parents must check them out,” Prophet said. “But this helps if parents or guardians cannot be there to drop off in the morning due to transportation or a job.” 

Once renovations are complete, the building will also be offered as a community center. Prophet said they are in the works of teaching GED classes in the mornings when students are not there. 

“I think this will put Hogansville on the map,” Prophet said. “It’s gonna let other people know that you can take a building and open up a youth center, have people work together and give your community a whole lot more than what some of these other organizations do.” 

For more information on how to donate to the program, enroll a student or other questions call (229) 809-1785, email or visit