Thankful for the actions of our local leaders

Published 5:33 pm Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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Throughout the past couple of days, several cities in Georgia have closed dining rooms to the public, including in Troup County.

Most of those businesses continue to serve customers with take-out, delivery, and in some cases, curbside service.

Hogansville was the lone exception in Troup County, voting to keep restaurants open and letting the public decide if they want to dine-in or not.

Along with those changes throughout the county, several businesses have been closed by the government as well, including gyms, barbershops, massage parlors, pool halls and many more.

In regular times, such sweeping closures would seem like a vast overreaction, and people would be rioting about government is attempting to control our everyday lives. But, in this instance, it seems most people are on-board with such measures.

Most people understand there is a massive healthcare crisis that is spreading like wildfire throughout this county. For those who follow the Center for Disease Control and the Georgia Public Health Department, they are watching the numbers climb with each update.

Sure, we understand that more testing is being done, which inflates the numbers. However, it’s also a reminder that there are likely many people who haven’t been tested who have contracted COVID-19.

Many leaders have said that it’s best to act as if you have the virus and should isolate yourself from people as much as possible. We know that people have to work, but we must try to do what we can to help everyone.

We’re hoping the actions by our local leaders will help slow the spread of COVID-19, and we can all get back to enjoying the fantastic spring and summer days ahead.

But for now, we must follow guidelines set forth by health officials. And we must take stock in the fact that this virus will pass and life will get back to normal.