Martial arts studio to offer free virtual lessons

Published 6:01 pm Monday, April 13, 2020

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May Martial Arts in LaGrange will host free, virtual lessons over the next few weeks.

Don May, co-owner of May Martial Arts, said he felt it was important to offer the free classes to give people of all ages something to do while they’re stuck at home due to COVID-19. The classes are taught via Zoom.

“I want to be able to share the positive values of martial arts,” May said. “And right now, people need those positive values more than ever, with the anxiety people are having and being worried and depressed. People are afraid.”

May Martial Arts teaches students a style that blends the traditional Korean Art of Tang Soo Do with Judo, Aikido, Jujitsu, Filipino Stick Fighting, pressure point applications, based upon the Chuck Norris System for self-defense. 

“Kids that are home, they have nothing to do, or they need something positive or an activity that’s going to work them out,” said Don May of May Martial Arts. “We’re going to work out. They’re going to stay active.”

May said there are several reasons people become involved in the martial arts — physical fitness, weight-loss aspects of training, discipline, self-control to their lives, safety and self-defense. 

For more information, visit May Martial Arts on Facebook or call (706) 681-0258.