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Published 3:55 pm Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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Since the first case of COVID-19 hit our area, every business — no matter how large or small — has been affected by the worldwide pandemic.

Area restaurants have been forced out of their dining rooms and into pick-up or delivery. This has had an effect on their revenue since the community is not as mobile due to the state’s shelter in place order.

There should be no illusion that anyone business can or will be immune to the effects of this pandemic. We are also not immune, and we can tell you we do not enjoy it.

For us, our tough decision was to change our print frequency to two days a week, a decision we did not take lightly, but one we had to take to ensure we as a business would come out of this pandemic. We are still producing a daily newspaper, but three of those editions are via our e-edition. Subscribers have e-edition access automatically, and the e-edition is an exact replica of the newspaper. You can access it on your computer or phone. Other than the feel of paper in your hands, it is the exact same as what we print.

For us, the decision is simple supply and demand. The supply of advertising has dropped due to the amount of businesses and events that have temporarily suspended operations.

That is where the trickle-down comes into play. One of our biggest advertisers had to suspend their weekly sales due to supply chain issues. In doing so, they also suspended their advertising. Imagine losing a good chunk of your weekly income and still spending money as if it never went away. How quickly would you find yourself in financial hardship?

There is no group of people who wanted to make a change in frequency less than the people who work for The LaGrange Daily News. Everyone in this office works extremely hard day in and day out to provide the product you are proud to open up and read. All we are asking is that you understand and support us the way we support this community. We will all get through this and become stronger if we all stick together.

Our hope is businesses will dust off their cash registers and come back to us once this crisis is over. In the meantime, we’ve been writing stories about how this crisis has affected this community, from restaurants to local government to our neighbors who have battled COVID-19. Mind the state at home order, but when you are out and about, we hope you’re supporting the businesses in this community. They need it.

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Thank you to all who already do.