Know your candidates

Published 5:56 pm Monday, April 20, 2020

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By Jeff Brown
Retired Georgia state representative

If you are a registered voter in Troup County, you received an “Application for Official Absentee Ballot Enclosed.” As of April 14, approximately 5,500 of you have already sent that application in requesting an absentee ballot. Note that in the 2018 Primary Election that was 85 percent of the total vote.

It is pretty obvious that the primary motivation is due to not being sure you will be able to go to the polls on June 9. Many usually early vote, which will start May 10. But right now, you are concerned whether you will feel safe to go to the Troup County Government Center to early vote.

My reason for writing this article is to encourage those of you who will get your absentee ballot starting next Wednesday, April 22, to delay mailing it. Remember, your ballot doesn’t have to be sent in until June 9. This is 45 days from April 22. You can learn a lot about the 30 candidates running for Troup County elected positions during this time. Further, you will have a far better understanding of some of the consequences of candidate “promises” and where we stand with COVID19 and the economy.

As one example, I have been involved in Troup County politics for over 40 years, 16 of which I held elected offices. However, as of April 15, I do not yet know 9 of the 30 candidates. That means most of you know even fewer candidates, so how are you going to make informed choices for all of the positions that will directly affect you and your family members? To be blunt, you need to cast a more informed vote for many reasons. As the expression goes, “We get the government we deserve.” Therefore, if enough of you cast ill-informed votes, you’ll soon get lousy governments.

Once we start to come out from the restrictions due to COVID-19, your elected representatives will be faced with huge decisions.

Therefore, you better make sure you have elected wise, objective and courageous officeholders who put our community before their selfishness.

Once you mail your absentee ballot, you have voted with no opportunity to change it.

I have lived in Troup County for 45 years and have never seen a more consequential election for local offices where the winners will make decisions that will significantly affect each of us.

To help answer any of your questions, you can email me at, where I will respond with facts or opinions based on your question(s).